Created by mums, for mums...​

breastvest is a simple and truly practical piece of breastfeeding underwear which makes any top a breastfeeding top – offering mums a powerful combination of body confidence, style choice and value for money.

Hi, I’m Samantha Telfer, owner.
Designed, tested and applauded by breastfeeding mums all over the UK and beyond, our award-winning breastvest – which featured in Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear at the V&A Museum in London in 2015 - scoops just below the nursing bra, is held in place by straps and covers the postnatal tummy, so mums can lift up their favourite tops and breastfeed with confidence.
Lovingly designed to feel like a second skin, mums who choose breastvest are good to breastfeed whenever, wherever and wearing whatever they want, safe in the knowledge that breastvest has them covered.

Samantha Telfer

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