Hook & Needle

Hook & Needle

Being sustainable is no longer dull, untrendy or boring....

There really is no sweeter gift that a cute bunny, hat or pair of booties. The market for baby products has been continuously growing over the years, however, we couldn't help but notice a lack of natural, organic handmade products made in Britain.

Hook&Needle wanted to create a range of high quality, ethical baby products, with eco-friendly values. Products that would withstand the test of time, be treasured as a keepsake and survive many frequent washes.

Hook & Needle is built from care and love. All their products have been created by hand, with 100% Natural materials, ensuring suitability for sensitive skin. Believing in guaranteeing a smile on a mother’s face with the prettiest of products.

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Available to purchase from the website (use code mum&me10 for a 10% saving)