My Expert Midwife

My Expert Midwife

Unique pre-and post-natal products created to tackle the taboos for mums to be and new mums.

My Expert Midwife’s multi-award-winning no-nonsense range has safe and highly effective solutions to common pregnancy, birth and newborn baby issues, to make every stage of your childbearing journey an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Let’s be honest, many women will experience physical side effects from pregnancy and childbirth. From the early days of sickness and nausea, then having irritated and stretched skin, to perineal swelling and bruising and cracked nipples after birth, and not forgetting having a baby with a sore, red bottom, motherhood can be tough.

But don’t worry, My Expert Midwife have a unique range of products, developed by midwives and approved by mums, with the ability to alleviate common irritations and conditions that pregnancy and childbirth brings.

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Available to purchase from the website  (use code MUMANDME10 for 10% saving) and  Amazon.


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