Bodhi Barn

Bodhi Barn

Bodhi Barn is a female only, boutique personal training and wellbeing studio located in the Cheshire Countryside.

Bodhi Barn is a hub for women’s health and wellbeing, with a complete focus on all things female.

We understand that women and men are biologically very different, and therefore require different training techniques in order to benefit optimally from a programme.

This doesn't mean ‘girly’ 2kg dumbbells, and all of the core principles are the same to those that men uphold, such as progressive overload and using compound movements. However, while the core principles are similar, there are key differences in how women should train for maximum results.

Women typically train better with more total volume/repetitions/sets than men do. This is due to their higher proportion of type 1 muscle fibres. This makes them less quick to feel the effects of fatigue than men, making it beneficial to incorporate this in programmes for women.

Women also require fewer rest periods than men. Women generally have lower muscle mass, and have higher ability to burn fatty acids without sacrificing muscle mass or performance. They also have a naturally higher recovery capacity, so are able to undertake higher training frequencies.

Our coaches are not only experts in training women, we look into important factors such as:

  • The menstrual cycle and how it affects both training and performance. Certain training types can be more effective at certain times during your cycle, and relatively ineffective at others.
  • Why nutrition should also be focussed on differently for women, with oestrogen inhibiting muscle protein synthesis, and the importance of enhancing this with sufficient intake levels at certain times of the month.
  • Pregnancy and Post Partum effects on training and the body and how to train safely and effectively during these stages.
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation and education.