Calmosine is a natural range of plant-based food supplements trusted by French families for over two decades, and now it's available in the UK. Formulated to boost the wellbeing of mother, baby and child.

Calmosine Breastfeeding
Being a new mum is both exciting and stressful and many women can feel pressured to master breastfeeding straight away. If you choose to breastfeed you can find yourself inundated with information about how best to look after yourself and your new baby. Developed with the support of midwives, Calmosine Breastfeeding contains plant extracts, Magnesium and Biotin promoting greater wellbeing for mum and improved lactation.

Calmosine Digestion
An uncomfortable tummy due to digestive discomfort can cause your baby to cry inconsolably. This is of course a distressing experience for the whole family and you can be left feeling helpless. Suitable from birth, Calmosine Digestion contains Fennel, which is known to aid smooth digestion. The complimentary ingredient Lime Flower is traditionally used in herbal teas for its soothing properties, particularly in relation to the digestive system.

Calmosine Sleep
Sleep problems can range from persistent co-sleeping to frequent nightmares. As it’s one of the body’s most important functions, disruptions to sleep can have a profound effect on the wellbeing of a child. What’s more, when your child is struggling with their sleep it disturbs your whole family’s routine. For those nights when they just can’t settle, Calmosine Sleep is formulated to help restore a good night’s sleep. Suitable from 1 - 12 years of age, a drink of Calmosine Sleep before bed relaxes children, sending them off to the land of nod.

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