Natal Hypnotherapy

Natal Hypnotherapy

Natal Hypnotherapy is the UKs leading brand of award-winning hypnobirthing tracks, books and courses which provide step by step support and assistance throughout your journey to motherhood:-
• a practical and effective way to have a positive and more relaxing birth experience;
• easy as you don't have to do very much at all;
• affordable and a great way to learn relaxation and breathing techniques from just £10;
• practical with techniques that deliver when you need them to;
• tried and tested by 150k+ women because they work!;
• helpful to birth partners to guide them through birth;
• available in different formats to suite your learning style and budget including;
    - confidence building face to face classes,
    - self paced online training,
    - soothing award-winning audio downloads,
    - practical and effective birth preparation guide book to help you have a better birth.
• designed for everyone - no matter what kind of birth you are planning.
• realistic and down to earth - free of fluff, nonsense and airy fairy words.

It is worth noting that Maggie Howell who created Natal Hypnotherapy back in 2000 has given birth to 5 children at home without so much as an aspirin.

Maggie Howell

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