Private Midwives

Private Midwives

They put you at the centre of everything they do, tailoring care around you and your needs. They provide you with complete continuity of care and aim to offer you the widest choices for your pregnancy and birth, along with professional support with your own private midwife. This ensures you have the safest possible care, provided by experienced and skilled private midwives who you know and trust and giving you support and care on this exciting journey.

Hi, we’re the Private Midwives.
We are a well-established company providing private midwifery services in the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. Our service is led by professionals who understand you and your needs. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, safe and effective care, in the comfort of your own home to maintain privacy and involve the family.
All tailor made to your individual needs and circumstances.

Private Midwives

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