Through the Eyes of a Parent

Through the Eyes of a Parent

A unique service offered to parents where they consult, provide care and support and most importantly treat every client as an individual. They relate to all aspects of baby/child care from breastfeeding, weaning to sleep training. Passing on their confidence and passion with a hands-on approach. They assist with children up to 8-year old, offering boundaries and sleep programmes.

Hi, I’m Amanda Marks, founder.
After 30 years of extensive experience as nanny, maternity nurse, mother to 3 boys, and then trained breastfeeding consultant, I had a desire to understand more about babies and children's sleep patterns; their schedules, how food impacted so much on sleep quality and how milk feeds, breastfed or formula fed, became sleep associations from 6 months old.
I look forward to assisting new mums to be with their pre/post birth breastfeeding journeys, from 4th Trimester patterns, growth spurts, colic and reflux journeys, food tasting from 19-21 weeks to avoid intolerances and fully engaging in Food and Sleep Programme's from 6 months old, when baby is able to sleep alone, does not rely on milk at night and usually double their birth weight, therefore can eat and be taught holistically to self soothe.

Amanda Marks

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