A programmable storage device for children’s medicine. Designed specifically to hold bottles of medicine, sachets, blister packs, spoons, syringes and instructions in one compact and portable container. Child resistant features ensure medicines are kept safely out of children’s reach but enables parents to keep it conveniently close by.

Hi, I’m Sarah Smith,
Creator, I decided to invent Medi-Redi storage timer because I was always scared of making a mistake when giving my children medicine.
This was especially difficult in the middle of the night when I was half asleep. Hunting for the right medicine, trying to work out if I’d left enough time since the last dose and finally where was that clean medicine spoon?
I was surprised there was nothing available that could help, as this scenario was not unique to me. So, I decided to make something that would give parents peace of mind and make this process simpler and safer.

Sarah Smith

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