Helen Carouzos Counselling Psychologist

Helen Carouzos Counselling Psychologist

Helen provides professional counselling services, to support you with life’s challenges, whatever they might be. When the pressures of work and life are unrelenting, your capacity to cope and your life satisfaction can be diminished. Whether you are a new parent or not, parenting can for many be a rewarding and positive experience, however, it can also come with its own unique challenges which can put pressure on how you would normally cope with stress.

Hi, I’m Helen Carouzos,
it’s ok to not be ok.  But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the worse matters appear.  When anxiety, depression, stress, trauma or another mental health challenges prevents you from living how you want, it’s time to reach out for help. Together we will work to identify why you feel stuck and establish better coping strategies to help you regain control while staying true to you.

Helen Carouzos

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