Dr Chet Chande Private GP

Dr Chet Chande Private GP

Dr Chet Chande, MB, ChB, MRCGP, DRCOG is a Private GP who is dedicated in supporting you with rapid diagnosis and treatment for any health issues; aiding a swift recovery and helping you stay healthy in body mind and spirit at all times. You and your baby will benefit from the support of a private GP that will offer the prompt and personal care you wish for.

Hi, I’m Dr Chet Chande,
hopefully you will not need to see a doctor urgently, but accidents or illnesses occur when least expected and having to wait many hours for healthcare can only make the ordeal worse. You can remain with your NHS GP, as our aim is not to replace your care, but to work alongside it. Providing you with our extra medical care when you or your family most need it.

Dr Chet Chande

CALL // 0330 103 0714

22 The Square, Ringley Chase, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 7UL.

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