The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital’s world class maternity facilities and expertise ensure that you and your baby are always in safe hands. We are the only private hospital with an onsite neonatal intensive care unit and private adult intensive care unit. We offer ladies the choice of Consultant and Midwife led care. Our aim is to support you throughout your pregnancy journey and to ensure you feel respected and empowered at all times.

Hi, I’m Michaela Paul,
Business Development Manager for Women’s Services.  As the only fully private maternity hospital in the UK, The Portland Hospital places emphasis on safety and quality as well as ensuring mothers-to-be have the most enjoyable pregnancy and memorable birthing experience. With more than 1,500 deliveries a year, we put you at the centre of your own maternity care.

Michaela Paul

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The Portland Hospital, 205 – 209 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5AH.
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