15% off Tiny Roo

15% off Tiny Roo

Tiny Roo was created when the owners were weaning their baby and were struggling to find simple, stylish but practical feeding sets in neutral tones that complimented each other.  

Their products are not just beautiful but they are durable and above all else they are practical and stain resistant! They have been designed to meet the needs of growing babies and toddlers as they begin experimenting with food and as a bonus, they will hopefully reduce some of the mess that comes with weaning too. 

Tiny Roo believe that it is their responsibility to help protect the environment so their products are zero plastic. They use 100% food-grade silicone that is more ocean-friendly than plastic. Why silicone? It is hard wearing and stands up better against heat and cold than plastics. It’s safer for your family, too, with no oestrogen-mimicking toxins like BPA to worry about. It is odourless, hypoallergenic, and because it doesn't have open pores it won't harbour harmful bacteria like other materials.

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Available to purchase from the website (use code MUMANDMEAPP15 for a 15% saving)