15% off Cuddledry

15% off Cuddledry

Cuddledry are the creators the Original Handsfree baby bath towel – featured on BBC Dragons Den, multi award-winning and a celebrity favourite - you wear this clever towel like an apron so you stay dry, then just snuggle the soft towel and hood up over your baby to cosy them dry in your arms.

Safe, simple and snug – none of that stressful juggling act of trying to hold a towel whilst also trying to life your slippery baby from the bath.  The Cuddledry towel was created fifteen years ago to solve the problem everyone faces at baby bathtime, and it has been a life saver for mums and dads around the world since.

The mums behind the Cuddledry towel are serious about the quality of this product – using luxurious materials and careful craftsmanship, so your Cuddledry is something you will use daily for years, and its softness will always remain.  All you need to do is simply cuddle your baby dry – naturally, easily, happily and safely.

Original Cuddledry baby and toddler towels are made with pure cotton and natural bamboo fibre, the softest, most absorbent and earth-friendly towelling you can buy.  Sustainably grown bamboo is used to make a new fibre that is perfect for new babies – silky, luxurious and with natural antibacterial properties.


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