Creating new standards for mom and baby skincare. So kind, so pure, so natural, and always with the environment in mind.

SoKind is mom - and babyfriendly skincare, perfected to the essentials. Each product is meticulously formulated to care and protect skin gently. Skin-nurturing and anti-inflammatory abilities from botanical fatty acids and antioxidants soothe dryness and help regenerate the skin, keeping it smooth and hydrated.

SoKind revolts against the flawed market for harmless baby and mom skincare, creating formulas grounded in their principles of purity and sustainability.

Mom care
The body of a mother will stretch, grow, and change. Self-care in pregnancy and motherhood should look different than your previous routines. Among the favourites for the pregnant person are the Love Lines Emollient Stretch Mark Balm, Silky Essential Reviving Body Lotion, Pure Kindness nipple balm and the Blissful Moments Nourishing Belly Sheet Masks.

Baby care
For little ones, the collection includes pared back essentials with only the purest ingredients for babies sensitive skin. The Baby Care Kit includes everything one might need; a Lotion, Nappy Balm, Bath Oil and a Shampoo & Body Wash. Pure products to kindly care for sensitive baby skin, and to create and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

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